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Installed in 1989, SADA Siderurgia is dedicated to the production of casting pieces on cinereous and nodular iron and supplied raw or milled to the automotive sector and also o dedicated to the production of a various type of pieces designated to the railroad branch.

A SADA Siderurgia also dedicates to the production of White iron, grinding bodies designated to the mining and cement industry.

Acting on domestic and external market, the company is investing on top technologies, procedures and manufacture and the continuous improvement of quality, in intention of adding its products to a standard quality with international reference.

SADA Siderurgia is located on Várzea da Palma, Minas Gerais, 320 km from Belo Horizonte, on a world known region of its capacity of mineral and siderurgical production and 800 km from do Rio de Janeiro´s port.

SADA Siderurgia installations are found on an area of 3 millions m2, with its own landing track with 1.200 m of length and also a helicopter landing track. The actual producing capacity is 30.000 ton/year and is being extended to 50.000 ton/year until 2009, and currently has 600 employees.

Aiming to achieve a higher quality level and independence on its producing process, SADA Siderurgia is massively investing on equipments, installations and technology. Partnerships with research centers are directioning its efforts to the development of new products and market.

In intention to satisfy its clients and also add value to its products, expressive investments are being directed to the acquisition of last generation mill plants.

A consistent training program and expressive investments in installations and environment propitiates a Professional development and the well being of its employees.

All of that has contributed, day by day, to the conquer of better quality levels and attendance, translated by a Constant increase of market participation.

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det address Head Office
Gustaf Dalen Street, 151
Distrito Ind. Paulo Camilo - Betim / MG - Brasil
Zip Code: 32669 – 174
Phone: 55 31 3071-9550 | Fax: 55 31 3071-9552
det address Factory
BR 496, KM 29 Road, Building 01
Bairro das Indústrias - Várzea da Palma / MG - Brasil - Zip Code: 39260 000
Phone: 55 38 3731-1003 | Fax: 55 38 3731-2339